Milan, 24 January 2019. At the HOMI Lifestyle Trade Fair 2019, Argenesi presents the world preview of new fragrance Vaniglia and Bergamotto. Sensual and fresh, it opens with the notes of bergamot, violets and lily of the valley, then continues with cedar wood, blending with rose and patchouli, developing essences that last with time. Vanilla is the final note, enduring as a memory through succeeding days.

The Apple of Sin
Argenesi dedicates a completely new package to this original fragrance.
In a glass inspired by nature, a fabric of leaves and flowers envelopes a secret garden, as if in dance; the candle within releases a refreshingly soothing perfume.
The simple, linear design is topped by a precious pure silver jewel: The Apple of Sin, surrounded by the tempting serpent, invites us to open the cover and submit to the seduction of the inebriating fragrance.

The collection.
The collection I GIARDINI DELL’EDEN evokes an imaginary walk in the garden of delights, a primordial place rich with sounds, colours and odours, singing of the beauty of life and love. Argenesi interprets these perfumes in a sensory pathway, opening first of all with freshly blooming floral notes, where we encounter the garden's most beautiful flowers. Then we discover the energetic notes of more vigorous essences: the energisers, offering the delicately fresh sensations of stream waters. Finally, immersed in the silence of this odorous greenery, we discern the spices, absorbing and persistent fragrances, recalling the earth itself.

Argenesi is the contemporary design brand created by Silvan, the Italian specialist in the production of gift items, ornaments and party favours since 1965. The Argenesi collections are the result of a special search for materials, design and technology, which stylishly tell the story of the new contemporary lifestyle.

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