Argenesi interprets the fragrances of Eden

Milan, 31 August 2018. At the HOMI Lifestyle Trade Fair 2018, Argenesi presents the world preview of its new line of fragrance diffusers. I GIARDINI DELL’EDEN are an ode to the beauty of nature, each creating an enveloping and inebriating atmosphere.

The collection conjures up an imaginary stroll through the original garden of delights, rich in sounds, colours and scents that pay tribute to the beauty of life and love. Argenesi interprets those scents in a sensorial journey that opens with fresh floral notes, an encounter with the most beautiful flowers in the garden. Moving on, we discover the energising notes of the more vivacious essences, which replicate the delicately fresh sensation of gushing stream water. Lastly, immersed in the odorous silence of the garden’s vegetation, we distinguish the enveloping and persistent spicy fragrances that bring to mind the earth.

Each fragrance is presented in four different formats: a candle, a tealight and two room diffusers, available in large and small versions, with elegant stylised leaves made of black walnut that release the fragrance into the air. Everything is enhanced with burnished silver decorative elements that make each element of the collection an exclusive furnishing item.

Argenesi is the contemporary design brand created by Silvan, the Italian specialist in the production of gift items, ornaments and party favours since 1965. The Argenesi collections are the result of a special search for materials, design and technology, which stylishly tell the story of the new contemporary lifestyle.

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